Today in Ayn Rand-Land…


We learn that those fiercely proud Capitalists at Walmart have called in the socialized police to protect their bottled water following the brave, Galt-like despoiling of the water in Libertarian paradise of West Virginia.

(Think Progress)

11 thoughts on “Today in Ayn Rand-Land…

  1. Approximately 300,000 people in West Virginia were told not to drink or use their water after approximately 5,000 gallons of 4-Methylcyclohexane Methanol (MCHM) — a chemical used to wash coal of impurities — spilled from a tank owned by Freedom Industries.

    Oh, yeah, baby, that’s Liberty Poison!

    It’s pretty much an axiom that, should you see any organization with the words “Freedom”, “Family”, or “Patriot” in the name, run like hell!


  2. What were they protecting it from, thirsty people in W.VA? Were they keeping it for themselves? (the managers of course not the employees). I mean inquiring minds need to know…


  3. “Corporations are people.”–Mitt Romney
    Boy, is Freedom Industries in trouble! They might even get fined or something.
    I don’t know…what does the law do these days to a “person” who poisons 300,000 people?


    • what does the law do these days to a “person” who poisons 300,000 people?

      Um, under Eric Holder, I think it gives them a pass.




  4. And here I thought that government-enforced monopolies called “utilities” were providing the good folks of W. Virginia with their tap water for many decades now.



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