The Casual Racism of Laura Ingraham

Sweet Baby Jeebus in a shopping cart! Notice how Ingraham goes into a dialect (as if she was reading from Huck Finn) by the end of her rant and says that people who use food stamps will be like “The Roof Squatters” during Katrina.

I guess it is hard for a multi-millionaire media personality like that living scarecrow to have any empathy for people less fortunate. As for saying that there are twice as many people needing food stamps as there were under Bush, well, The Great Recession was his parting gift, and we are still suffering under it.

0 thoughts on “The Casual Racism of Laura Ingraham

  1. Quote from TG: “…The Great Recession was his parting gift, and we are still suffering under it.”

    I think this idea has gotten old and tired. True, W’s reign was a c-f*** of epic proportions but sooner or later Mr. Smooth Talker needs to stop selling out to the banks, corporations, and insurance companies, and get some brain-active economic advisors.


    • Techie –

      Because it started with Chimpy, he gets top billing, but generally I agree with you. I’m torn about giving The Kenyan a lot of blame for it continuing because the GOP have literally stopped all governance, and actively sabotaged the economy with all of their austerity nonsense. I do blame him for not burning their caucus to the ground and then salting the earth. Compromise my ass.

      Thunder –

      I cringe to think which bankster whore is in the wings and The Kenyan does seem to have a lot of them on tap. And you know that there is one in the wings, probably from Goldman Sachs.




    • Bearsense –

      Welcome to MPS, it is good to have you with us.

      Yes, if you search MPS for The Care Bear (for instance this one), you’ll see we’ve long been critical of his negotiating skills.




  2. Since the Goopers imposed this economic, political, military, media and Constitutional bumf*ck on the Best Country Ever, I say tie it around their necks like a garrote, especially since they broke it and refuse to help fix it. Besides THEY never concede a time limit for their carping, why should we?

    As for Barry, yeah that passivity is infuriating but then one of top 20 Repubick asshats spews their mental disorders into a microphone or camera lens, and I’m instantly reminded who the real enemies are.

    But I suppose IF Barry actually did what we voted for him to do, the tanks would crash the White House fence and a jet or two would strafe the Truman balcony.


  3. i hate that bitch.
    more and more the “media” — which is more and more controlled by people like Ingraham – is preaching that if you are not one of us – you are a leech and a rodent. and is becoming mainstream

    and one day they (Rush, Laura, Palin, Hannity etc) will convince enough people that the best way to eliminate the food stamp crowd (and immigrants, gays, atheists, hispanics, blacks, liberals etc.) is to vote for Steve King and Louis Gohmert and more importantly is to invest in the stock of the manufacturers of Zyklon B



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