0 thoughts on “World’s Worst Writer® Writes World’s Worst Column

  1. Whatta d-bag! Of course, the very word “love” is a completely inadequate word, encompassing concepts the Greeks would have termed agape, eros, or philia. This sort of column demonstrates that, while the word love is inadequate, a simpleton like Cohen can compound the inadequacy with his own.

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  2. We lack all formality, all distance. This is a parody of democracy Well that makes sense. It’s like voting and such is all tied up with kissing …and hugging…LOOK OVER THERE A SQUIRREL!!!

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  3. “I want to be called mister. I want to shake hands. I don’t want to be hugged. I want to kiss only certain women…”

    You’ve got a lock on #3, Dick.

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