What’s The Matter With Kansas?

Well, in a word, Sam Brownback. Oops, that’s two words, which is more accurate than his presentation about the state of Kansas’ finances.

(AP – the legal caveat at the bottom of teh article prevents us from sharing more. Hat tip: Scissorhead KCTomato)

0 thoughts on “What’s The Matter With Kansas?

  1. Most of my close relatives live in Kansas, and I had considered moving back there at some point, but I’ve given up on that idea. Even after Brownback is gone, it’ll take a long time for the state to recover. This is partly Obama’s fault for picking then-governor Kathleen Sebelius as secretary of HHS. (The state GOP used to be split between the religious right and the more business-oriented Republicans, allowing the Democrats to win sometimes, even though Republicans have a substantial majority.)


  2. Obviously Sam Brokeback is fully aware that the round peg of truth doesn’t fit in the square conservative piehole. It’s just too big to swallow.



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