Bad Signs, cont.

Batman for City Council

Oh, man, my inner fourth-grader is throwing a jealous fit! I wish my last name was Batman, that would be sooooooooo cool!

(Hat tip: Scissorhead Mr. C. Montgomery Burns)

0 thoughts on “Bad Signs, cont.

  1. Sorry, but a batman is a chap tasked with ensuring that his assigned upper class twit officer doesn’t go on parade without his trousers, unless of course, he’s a Scot.


  2. The Guy who set up the town of Melbourne, Australia was a John Batman. He very nearly had the place named after him which would have made it the coolest place to live. Imagine being a Batmanian.


  3. A senior associate at a firm I worked at a million years ago told me that when he started they had three partners named Mr. Sandman, Mr. Bright, and Mr. Happy. Mr. Happy, the litigator. No, doesn’t work.



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