You know what today is?

Remember the last time Wingnuttia tried to do social media?

Today is the launch of Tea Party Community, the new facebook-like social networking site for conservatives-only! (Which sort of looks a lot like Facebook, so I’m guessing Faceberg’s attorneys are already drooling.)

A group of conservatives is launching their own social networking site after enduring what they call years of censorship and liberal bullying on Facebook.

The Tea Party Community is expected to officially launch on Saturday – but the social networking site for conservatives has already drawn nearly 50,000 members.

Yes, that’s right – Facebook for Conservatives!

(The Censorship? Probably the infamous watermelons on the White House Lawns, or Witch Doctor Obama, but I’m only guessing. The Bullying is probably getting lotsa thumbs-down when they suggest assassinating The Kenyan Usurper or beating up the gay kid in gym class. Again, I’m only guessing.)

So now maybe all those creepy Facebook stalkers and weirdos from your past will finally leave you alone?

(Fox News)

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