Alas, poor Dork, I didn’t renew her well

The Narcissus Borealis, Sarah Palin, did not have her contract with Fox News renewed.

0 thoughts on “Alas, poor Dork, I didn’t renew her well

  1. I love the movie “Idiocracy”, mind, there was a moment there I thought it maybe cutting a bit close to the bone. The thought of President Palin is now banished from that small paranoid, frightened part of my mind.
    Adieu, Adios, Hasta la vista, Au revoir, Shalom, and don’t let the door whack your crazy grifters ass on the way out.


  2. I guess she got in front of the story, because the first time I heard about it the suggestion was that she did not reup. Thing is, everyone knows she’ll do anything for a shiny penny, so her attempt at spin died within seconds. Let’s hope we never have to hear a thing about her or her family again.


  3. Getting kicked out Fox is quite the accomplishment, you could find better establishments to be thrown out of but, it would be impossible to find a sorrier place to be thrown out of. She is quite the achiever when one lowers their sights.


  4. Cheer up. There is no need to pathetically haunt “Gentlemens Clubs” in hopes of catching a glimpse of one of Ms. Palin’s well-turned calves. We will always have “Nailin’ Pailin,” and it can be handily found in many places…

    Tengrain was here! Slight modification to keep spammers away, but you can Google the movie title.


  5. I think Roger Ailes only kept her around for as long as she could use Fox News as a platform to help the Republican party and when she didn’t even do that, she became a liability and he dumped her.


    • Btom99 –

      Welcome to MPS, it is good to have you with us.

      Yup, and Ailes was known not to like her. She wasted his time more than once, asked his opinion on stuff and they did what she wanted anyway.





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