The Evening Quote — and bonus track!

“Yes, we will play that game, Mr. President, because this is not a game.”

–Senatorette Huckleberry Closetcase, who hilariously followed it up with:

“How about manning up here, Mr. President?”

And you thought Lindsay Graham didn’t have a sense of humor?

0 thoughts on “The Evening Quote — and bonus track!

  1. They need to just out him and get him out of the way. South Carolina will tolerate an adulterer and, well, another adulterer, but no way will they re-elect Mz. Lindsay Graham once they find out that he knows what dick tastes like.


  2. Pissed, Miss Lindsay’s proclivities are the worst kept secret in DC and in SC! Where do you think the term, “Confirmed Bachelor”, came from?



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