The Five’s Festival of False Equivalency

The best worst-comment has to come from Chimpy’s former press secretary and exhibit A for banning Botox, Dana Perino: women need to make better choices.

Which certainly is cold comfort to the family and friends of every woman who has suffered from domestic violence.

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0 thoughts on “The Five’s Festival of False Equivalency

  1. People choke to death on food every day – those people need to be shot.

    Smoking cigarettes kills hundreds of thousands of people every year – we could be shooting them, instead.

    People get terminal cancer all the time – are you saying they shouldn’t own guns?

    If everyone who owns a gun would just shoot ONE non-gun-owning person, soon everyone would own a gun and there would be no problem because they could also shoot pregnant women who want to have abortions and single women who want contraceptives.

    There isn’t one single problem in America that can’t be solved by shooting someone. (Although SOME people would need to be shot more than once.)


  2. What kind of “better choices”, Dana? The choice to move faster to avoid the blows delivered by your raging spouse? Or the choice to get all “bullet time” and dodge the bullets from his gun?

    As I often say, I hope she never finds out firsthand how wrong she is…


  3. I can only hope the one day, Dana makes a better choice herself, and gets the hell out of DC a shuts her mouth for the rest of her miserable, whiny, botox inhibited life…asshat.


    • Perino, every now and then, has flashes of what might be humanity (before she gets to the “making better choices” comment, I was rooting for her), and if her face could ever have expressions again and develop some character… oh, never mind.





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