Well, it was bound to happen: two old white guys try to parse pop culture.

Fox News Psychiatrist (and that title alone should crack you up) Keith Ablow:

“I think what this fellow is tapping into… is the fact that people don’t want any meaning right now. It is just is sort of like a drug and that seems to be what most people seem to want right now. Not reality, not feeling, not meaning.”

To which Falafel-boy responds:

“So it means nothing but it’s got a nice upbeat to it but you can [dance] The Pony and ride around.”

Which only leads one thing:

UPDATE: Our good friend and Scissorhead Big Bad Bald Bastard gives us the definitive last word on Falafel-boy’s pop culture street cred.

0 thoughts on “O’Reilly-Style

  1. “The lack of insight if you will is reflected in this person’s popularity.” — Keith Ablow

    I believe Ablow just did a unwitting critique on his own career — unintended, I’m sure, but that’s what happens when one releases one’s mouth before engaging one’s brain.



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