“As God is my witness…”

“…I thought turkeys could fly.”

The Classic TV History Blog has the behind the scenes, back-story to what is probably the most famous Thanksgiving TV episode ever.

0 thoughts on ““As God is my witness…”

  1. Ten,

    Thanks for the memory. I think Less Nessman could hold his own on the Sunday talk shows these days. The episode brings back a lot of memories of my VERY few years at WJOY in Burlington, VT. The guy that owned the station was crazier than Carlson.




  2. Moeman’s right. Loni Anderson got all the attention, but Bailey (Jan Smithers) is a handsome woman.

    Another holiday classic featuring a helicopter was the first “Married…. With Children” Christmas show. That one had Santa in the role of the turkeys and it’s one of the few episodes where things turned out well for the Bundy clan.



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