A Very Romney Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving at the Romney Palace.  While Tagg is is stuck in the car elevator, the Queen Mum is serving up a storm with the newest bird.

9When a deal goes south in Willard-land, someone’s goose (or turkey) is always cooked.)

I bet there is a real fight for the pupik and who gets the tukhis*.

gop thanks

*pupik – Yiddish for belly button, but often used to describe the ass of the bird, tukhis is always the ass

0 thoughts on “A Very Romney Thanksgiving

  1. For regular poultry my people call it “The Pope’s Nose,” also, but to which portion of a ZEGS turkey do you think it should apply?


  2. It still needs to be said: pity those poor undocumented workers locked in their basement room at Chez Romney 5 or is it 8?

    Nothing. Nothing ameliorates the thwarted entitlement of “our moneyed betters” more than a good thrashing of the servants.



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