Under The Bus

not so fast

On Monday, The New York Times reported that all the mostest important people in the American Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterparteie, Republican Party were ready to toss (hardly an easy thing to do) New Jersey Governor Chris Christie under the bus.

His willingness to work closely with the president has cast a shadow over Mr. Christie’s prospects as a national candidate, prompting a number of Republicans to wonder aloud whether he is a reliable party leader. “It hurt him a lot,” said Douglas E. Gross, a longtime Republican operative in Iowa who has overseen several presidential campaigns in the state. “The presumption is that Republicans can’t count on him.”

Fast Forward (another tough thing to do with the Governor) to today

A Rutgers-Eagleton poll on Wednesday showed that 67 percent of New Jersey voters have a favorable opinion of Christie. That’s a 19-point jump since the previous Rutgers-Eagleton poll in September. The poll also found his constituents overwhelmingly approve of Christie’s post-storm stewardship, while 81 percent believe he and Obama displayed “needed cooperation and bipartisanship” in the wake of the disaster.

So while breaking Limbaugh Oath of the GOP — I solemnly swear to never never never ever think of saying or doing anything kind, positive, nice or even neutral about anyone who is not a white, greedy rape-condoning Christian Republican —  (FYI, the Norquist Pledge is really just a corollary of the Limbaugh Oath), Christie has made a lot those mostest important brownshirts, diviners of GOP purity, Republican leaders very uncomfortable about his potential as the next standard blimp bearer.

Bus, meet Governor Persona Non-Grata of the GOP

throw under bus

Remember how people voted for Bush because he was the kind of guy you would have a beer with, well Christie is fast becoming the kind of guy one would have 3 Papa Johns Pizzas, 2 Denny’s Home Run Breakfasts, a double platter of Applebee’s fried chicken, 4 Chik-Fil-A sandwiches (with mayo), lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions on a sesame seed bun with.


0 thoughts on “Under The Bus

  1. Yes a True Republican would have let everyone drown, mooned the president, sold all the rubble to land-fill operatives and tendered out the cleaning up to his brother-in-law. Anything less is Socialanism!!!


  2. Goes to show how starved we are for civility and common courtesy. How can any republican with a brain not see how easy it is to win people over?


  3. This is a pretty clear example of the easy tendency to view people/things/events through a binary lens. While The Reicht has polished this turd to a gleaming gem, we on The Left can be guilty of it as well. Christie is a joke, not just because he outweighs the average bus, but because (as a NJ resident recently explained to me,) he’s a bully and a boor.

    But that doesn’t mean he takes his job lightly *ahem*; when faced with the mess of Sandy, he saw where the help might come from and “made nice” with the Kenyan. Whether or not this was self-serving, the People of New Jersey benefited from his actions. I’ll thank him for that, while withholding judgement on his broader *ahem* performance.


  4. Give Christie his due, he is just smart enough to have learned from Katrina that dumb fuckery and conservative (avowed, not actually lived) principles can turn a situation fraught with adversity into utter disaster.


  5. Christie gave the proper response to the people who have suffered after the hurricane, but he’s still a gigantic raging asshole. I know two people who lost their jobs because of him–not because they were incompetent, they just were in the way. It tells you how far the goddamn republican party has fallen that Chris Christie is dead the them for acting like a decent human for a few days.



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