It is to laugh

Sarah Palin in 2016

(LATimes — not The Onion)

0 thoughts on “It is to laugh

  1. I’m pretty sure our Times is just trolling. Used to read the print edition (Before it shrank to 50 pages or less & started costing $1.00/day.) & it was guaranteed that two or three days after a Jonah Goldberg column all the letters to the editor in response to it would be mocking & ridiculing.


  2. “Hey GOP, take the Palin cure.”

    Take Palin through two election cycles and all your political ambitions and voter worries will be over.


  3. Run Sarah Run! Nothing like having a good hot woman from a single wide up there in the middle of nowhere screwing upo the race. I am not sure whether the Times meant this as a tease piece to get some mail tr they were serious. Seemed curious to me but it was pretty early when I saw it…..


  4. I dunno if she could be lured away from the grifter circuit, now. She can make more by doing less and burble her shit on Facebook with guaranteed “We luvz you Sarah” posts and no questions that she has to pretend to answer.



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