Bad Ads, cont.

Mr. Burns 188

I just know that short-fingered vulgarian Donald Trump had or still has one of these. I hope she pee’ed in his ear.

(Hat tip: Scissorhead Mr. C. Montgomery Burns)

0 thoughts on “Bad Ads, cont.

  1. Just the thing for those late night calls to those 900 numbers. “Hot women want to talk to YOU!”

    Don’t know if this is the way to contact the Psychic Friends.


  2. There’s sort of a line around the navel area. I was hoping that it would split in half there and the top half was the ear piece and the bottom was for talking. Also I hoped that the cut would be anatomically correct so’s you could see the stomach organs.
    Otherwise it would just be a tasteless piece of exploitive junk.


  3. Yes, jumbo, it’s because they don’t make merkins in “Windblown Titan” and the Bible belt would work itself into a lather over a bare front bottom.



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