John Kerry in Swiftboat 2: Electric Boogaloo

The big rumor of the day is that The Kenyan Usurper is going to nominate wooden Senator John Kerry to be the new Secretary of Defense, and given how Wingnuttia has vowed to filibuster anyone in any position, and given how they treated him previously, I cannot imagine any problems, can you?

The idea of Kerry heading up DoD was also questioned by Republicans, who warned the selection of the Vietnam veteran-turned-critic wouldn’t be simple either.

“He’ll run into a buzz saw of Vietnam vets” if Obama taps Kerry for the Pentagon slot, a GOP aide said.


0 thoughts on “John Kerry in Swiftboat 2: Electric Boogaloo

  1. There are Vietnamese veterinarians in the GOP — who knew? But that “buzz saw” part sounds like they’re bringing their nunchucks.


  2. John Kerry knows what kinda bullshit these assholes will throw at him, and I believe he’s smart enough to respond adequately this time around. And he has a tremendous c.v. on National Security, with many years of having his fingers in that stinky pie. I say “Go for it, John,” partly because the Radical Reicht will pitch a hissy over ANY of the Kenyan’s nominees, and partly because I’d be happy to trade him for a REAL Populist Democrat to get Elizabeth Warren’s back!


  3. TCR, he will also be able to draw upon the resources of the OFA response team, so I think they will be able to turn it back. I was always surprised that the Democrats were never able to turn the attacks upon a military veteran back. It shouldn’t be that hard, and if the go after Corsi’s bullshit as well as they did the incessant bullshit attacks on Obama, it shouldn’t be that tough.



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