Willard: Businessman or Cheap Screw?

Scissorhead Wagonjak points us to an article at First Read on the last days in the bunker of His Willardness’ campaign.

Aides taking cabs home late that night got rude awakenings when they found the credit cards linked to the campaign no longer worked.

Let’s be clear here: that night is Tuesday night. Willard cut up their credit cards the very same night he lost; no time to mourn or reflect, just quick, lethal, unemotional decisions. Willard might not have written a concession speech, but it seems he had a checklist of how to shut down the campaign before spending another dime.

Anyone doubt those Bain off-shoring stories now?

0 thoughts on “Willard: Businessman or Cheap Screw?

  1. Gotta get that money back to the Caymans.

    Imagine you’re a 20-something, starry eyed, Willard campaign worker fresh out of BYU and your Mormon mission in the Falkland Islands. Obviously you’re a virgin. You, along with everyone else you know, is SURE that Willard’s going to win, only to be swept away by the election returns. Instead of the glorious victory party you expected, you stand there, stunned, as Willard gives his concession speech. That job in D.C. you were expecting in the Romney Administration’s Planned Parenthood/PBS defunding initiative is gone with the wind. You say your heartfelt goodbyes to friends and co-workers; you’ve all bonded over the long campaign and now everything’s come to a screeching halt.

    You hail a cab and give the driver your address. No longer needing to put up a brave front, you collapse, sobbing, all the way home. You give the driver your credit card. To your shock it is declined. You give the driver all the money you have, hoping it’s enough to pay the fare. You can’t determine what bills you have due to your tears. You stumble through the rain and fog to your hovel. You crawl onto your air mattress, realizing you’ve become one of those “47%” Willard regards as leeches on society.

    You start to understand the commercials the other side ran, about the guys building the stage where the Bain suits fired them all. You make a mental note to watch “When Mitt Romney Came to Town.” You decide to find out what this “Starbucks Coffee” is all about. You Google “masturbation” on the Internet. You’re on the express train to hell.


  2. The heartfelt coming-of-age story Bruce388 just wrote had me so enthralled I forgot what I had intended to post.

    If Bruce extended his story to novel-length and gave it a snappy title, like “Fear and Loathing in Post-Election Boston,” I believe it could make Amazon’s top ten ebook list.


  3. Perfect coda to a losing campaign. Classless, clueless and cruel. I bet Queen Ann and Tagg personally went down the list checking off the names of those to be cut off.



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