0 thoughts on “Who knew…

    • If you wait long enough you’ll find out that Obama isn’t American like she is (born on the 4th of July) because he’s never participated in a painted turtle race. Bastid!

      I couldn’t stop laughing. I wonder if Hunter S. Thompson ever binged on butterscotch schnapps?



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  1. It was only seen by about seven million people, but I think I’ve found the Romney endorsement video that cost him the election.

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    • Dimitrios -

      I love that Joss Whedon video (I think we even put it up a week or so ago). It’s the line at the end about Spam having its own key. I just cracked up.



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  2. I’m thinking that this actually, Ole dead Andy who faked his death as cover for a sex-change operation that he knew the workmates would not approve of. He’s starting from scratch again in the Galtian tradition but THEY WON’T SHARE!!!!

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  3. She seems very needy. I could never get away with this during a curtain call…

    And one more thing: this can barely called a “video”. The audio is quite entertaining, but the visuals are sorely lacking.

    Grade: C+

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