0 thoughts on “And now let’s watch Diane Sawyer pop pills with red wine

  1. Who was she referring to with the “too bad she’s crazy” remark?

    Also too I need that guy who sneaks up behind her and brushes her hair. ‘Course, first he’d want to slide my scalp forward about 40 degrees…


  2. It looked like a Malaga Cooler* to me. Which would explain why she was scrubbing at her teeth with her tongue.

    *(See “A New Leaf” with Elaine May)


  3. If your sister doesn’t have a copy, “A New Leaf” is finally available on DVD through Amazon (also on Netflix, I believe) priced right as a Christmas stocking stuffer.

    By the way, I can see one of the Romney boys living Matthau’s role in real life, except I don’t believe they would ever take their butler’s advice.



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