Mooselini’s Last Minute Endorsement!

I know it is hard to believe, but Griftzilla has endorsed The Stench! (Wonder how she will monetize that?) But she also wants us to remember that this 2012 Goat Rodeo is about more than the top of the ticket, and so she has set loose her ghost writer to say something not as word-salady as she would say:

We must also remember the many good Republican candidates who are running for the House and Senate this year. They deserve our support as well. If you are like me, you have watched these campaigns, learned about the candidates, and know where they stand despite the skewed lens of a partisan media bent on keeping liberal leadership in power. We saw the destruction a Democrat controlled White House, House, and Senate brought us after the 2008 election. Our country can’t afford that again. Your vote is the only safeguard against that happening.

Bitch still wants to cut Katie Couric.

(Mooselini’s Facebook page)

0 thoughts on “Mooselini’s Last Minute Endorsement!

  1. The odor of desperation is wafting from Wasilla or Scottsdale or wherever it is this twatwaffle calls home. There’s no question that O is being reelected and the Dems will gain seats in both houses. The wingnuts are frantically plugging their fingers into the dyke and flailing away for a narrative to give themselves comfort for what will be a very painful loss.


  2. @RWW: You said “There’s no question that O is being reelected”. I live in Illinois, a “safe” state, and I’m still uneasy about the election. There is WAY TOO MUCH MONEY riding on this election to discount any subteRfuge.



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