GOP Voter Registration Fraud


I was going to write about the Aryan Warrior-looking/young Hannibal Lechter-looking/serial killer-looking dude who might have committed a federal crime in Virginia by throwing out voter registration cards (he was employed indirectly by the GOP to gather voter registration, which I guess means throw ’em out in Wingnuttian?).

Nicole Belle at Crooks and Liars beat me to it and did a better job than I would have, so go read her story, or the one at Talking Points Memo, which is also excellent.

0 thoughts on “GOP Voter Registration Fraud

  1. You know if he was a black Democrat his face would be on every leading news broadcast and every front page in the country right up through election day. Since he’s a typical Repuke, we’re the only ones seeing this and the only time we’ll see it again is when, six months after the election, some GOP judge sentences this shithead to 30 days house arrest and 1 year probation. Once that’s done, Rove and company will give him an office and a staff and an ethernet connection to Diebold voting machines.



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