The Evening Quote

“You want to jump out of your seat, and you wanna rush down to the debate stage and take a swing at [President Obama], but you know you can’t do that, because, well, first because there’s a lot of Secret Service between you and him, but also because this is just the nature of the process.”

–Tagg, Prince Regent of Romney, son of Queen Ann

(The full story, in context is at Mediaite, from our good Twitter Buddy, Tommy Christopher)

0 thoughts on “The Evening Quote

  1. The look of one who has been given everything and is convinced he deserved it all. If my father,an auto factory worker for 33 years,had given me a trust fund of 20 million tax free I don’t think I’d ever quit smiling. If he had had it to give,he would have never stopped smiling and wouldn’t have been able to sleep.This group only smiles when they are amongst themselves as if the rest of the world isn’t worthy of the sight.


  2. Good thing the Prez has the Secret Service to protect him. Can you imagine the destruction if all 5 of Mitt’s boys decided to go ‘punch him in his face? Yeah, me neither.

    I’ll have to say it’s impressive of Tagg to defend his lying father like that.


  3. The dipshit in the picture next to Queenie is Josh. Tagg is one of the other dipshits. He’s the one who was like all “whoa dude how cool is it that The Nuge just endorsed my dad!”. Bwahahahahahaa


  4. I’d venture that the angry looking Ann would join in the punching.

    I guess we now know why they didn’t do the familiar meet and greet post debate.


  5. Children of the Corn!

    I wish I could send them back to the corn field a la Billy Mumy in “It’s a Good Day”. My absentee ballot arrived today. Couldn’t fill that sucker out fast enough!


  6. Let’s not be judgemental. I believe he’s thinking, holy-mormon crap, this is the moment we’ll all look back on as the moment Dad blew the election!

    Bus seriously, that turd had nothing to say about respect for the office? Or how trying to slug anyone is immoral and anti-social? Talk about a family of sociopaths.


  7. kctomato: It would only be fun it we are sitting at a cafe in our new home country watching what would clearly be the final act of a dying empire. Sadly, I see it coming, but it won’t take as long as 2028.



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