A Children’s Anthology of Racism

The reprehensible John Derbyshire writes a chap book of racism under the guise of lessons to teach children. Of course, it is the GOP’s equivalent of the Philosopher’s Stone, but nonetheless it is shocking. I was going to quote from it, but I just cannot.

Anyway, Think Progress has some of the tamer quotes, if you want to read this swill. And if you want more, you can click on the link to read the full screed.

6 thoughts on “A Children’s Anthology of Racism

  1. I wonder if he will go for the classic defence, “I was trying to stimulate debate” or, since he’s got cancer, “I’m a fucking racist arsehole, whatcha gonna do about it?”


  2. A book for children? From Derbyshire? The Reich-wing nutcase who referred to Chelsea Clinton as “a vile genetic inheritance”. Who once referred to AIDS as a chic, “fashionable disease”?

    Who would let this paintchip-eating insane shit-weasel near a child?



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