Death of the Media, cont.


You silly twatwaffle, MODICUM!

Some where out there is a real journalist who should have the opportunities our favorite booze heiress is squandering.

(And if you argue with me on the dolphin point, you are saying that SoyBlo is smarter than a dolphin, and that is empirically false and defames dolphins.)

13 thoughts on “Death of the Media, cont.

    • Padre –

      That’s what I loved about it: she said it twice. There is no doubt in my mind that she thinks she was right. She probably practiced it ahead of time.




  1. Sadly, Chelsea Clinton-Whatever’s television career looks to be short lived. Her stint on NBC (or somewhere) was for only 90 days and one reviewer called her the most boring person on the tv. Or something like that. How will she support herself now?


  2. My brother the rock and roller says if you a hit a wrong note, go back and play it again louder, that way people know you did it on purpose. Sigh…his day job is greenskeeper at Pinehurst, plays unlimited golf. I knew I should have practiced my guitar more.



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