Pop Quiz!


After a rally Monday at South Carolina’s Capitol, Bachmann told The Associated Press that she is “in the early talking stages” about a book. The third-term congresswoman says she’s received several requests but is deciding whether she’ll have the time to devote to such an undertaking.

For a full 1/2 point on your final exam, help Bachmann-the-Nut choose a title for her tome. Bonus 1/2 point if you create a photoshop of the cover. In the comments, please.


0 thoughts on “Pop Quiz!

  1. Aww Tengrain, you are too kind! I got a *** copy of Photoshop about a year ago & have managed to figure out a few basic tricks. Also figured MB is too lazy to come up with anything original, so…..

    [If any Federales are monitoring this site — I no speaky English so good, “***” means authentico, yes?]


    • Ix-nay on the onfessions-cay.

      MPS does/used to get hits from the DOJ (and oddly, nearly daily hits from the Senate Cloakroom where I think the Sargeant at Arms office is, but I don’t think he’s a real sergeant.)




  2. nycedges: Excellent. And Ten, no worries, the DOJ couldn’t possibly waste their time for this piddling shit. They are spending every minute of every day investigating Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, AIG, Lehman Brothers, Bear Stearns, Merrill Lynch….on, I could go on.

    Oh, and want to feel sorry for me? I am working on a floor in a building housing Morgan Stanley. Across the street form the JP Morgan Chase building. Which is next to Standard’s & Poors. Oh, and the floor my compnay has used to be rented by Goldman Sachs’ high-wealth clients dept. Gotta tell you, their taste is best described as expensive boring/shitty. The carpeting and furniture is heavy and not well-maintained. I walked in, looked around and thought, man, it’s true, money does not buy you taste. Phillistines.


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  4. @notKeith…SNAP!! (has anyone noticed that hubby is a dead ringer for Chastity/Chaz Bono??)
    @nonnie, not fair! that’s like hanging a Monet at a High School art contest
    and finally… Tengrain, thanks for the redactions…my bad



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