US-Costa Rica Relations to Sour

I’ll just tell you this, if [Healthcare Reform] passes and it’s five years from now and all that stuff gets implemented — I am leaving the country. I’ll go to Costa Rica.

I don’t need anymore convincing: pass the bill NOW, dammit! Thanks for sweetening the pot, Junkie Limbaugh!

(Via ThinkProgress)

0 thoughts on “US-Costa Rica Relations to Sour

  1. I wish…though I don’t believe a word outta his mouth. Unless he is retiring anyways…and this is his excuse.

    I don’t like to think about hurting people, but I really do think I would kick his ass if I got the chance (ie: we were in an elevator together and I knew there was no camera…) Sorry for the bad thoughts….

  2. Well, at least we Canadians can rest assured he won’t be bringing his vile mouth here.
    As for Costa Rica, I’ve been reading that they also have universal healthcare…your options are dwindling Rushie…

  3. I believe Kos had something about this earlier:

    “Given Costa Rica’s successful ‘cradle to grave’ universal health care system is not just for Costa Ricans, but even for foreigners in the country, I’d like to suggest Rush try Somalia instead. I’m pretty sure Somalia doesn’t suffer from the evils of socialized medicine.”

    …and I’m all for getting Rushbo outta this hemisphere.

    And, MrE…I’ll try holding him down so his big flabby arms don’t get in your way (also, sorry for the bad thoughts)

    • Wilfredo -

      Welcome to MPS, it is good to have you with us.

      No offense to our Central American friends, but if he moves there… well, have at him. The piñata exists there, no?



  4. Tengrain, thanks for the welcome, most gracious of you. Rush as a piñata would be the most entertaining that he’s ever been in his life. Truth be told, though, I don’t even want to know what comes out of him when he’s busted open; do you?

  5. Tengrain:
    Hmmm, that sounds like the premise for too many science fiction movies out there, and that never ends well for humanity.

    Oh, btw, lurking for the last couple of months, and I enjoy your site immensely! Keep it up with the funny!

    • Wilfredo -

      Up with the funny – that’s us! It really is good to have you here and glad you’ve decided to step from the shadows into the light.



  6. Libhomo, let’s think about Rush jumping off a bridge. The Chilean earthquake changed the length of our days due to the sudden rearrangement of a huge quantity of rock. Now consider what the shift of Rush’s mass would do. It would be similar to the meteor wiping out the dinosaurs. Nuclear (nukular) winter. Nothing good would come of it at all.

  7. Between the weight, the drugs, the cigars and his internalized evil, that sonofabitch will be dead before he can move to Costa Rico and destroy that lovely country. Mmmm, best coffee beans on the planet.

  8. Why would Rushie condemn universal health care for his own country and yet say he would move to a one that has it? You have Palin denouncing the proposed system for the U.S. while she reminisced before a Canadian audience of her family crossing the border to take advantage of ours. Dumb & dumber, both are hypocrites!!!

  9. Although I have absolutely no authority to do so, I speak on behalf of all of us living in Panamá to say “We don’t want that lying sack of offal to move next door to us.”
    Also, Costa Rica would drive him nuts.

  10. Please, oh please. Between this and the Massa stuff on Beck’s show last night, I wonder what else I’ve missed since I stopped paying attention.

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