Windows 7 Release Party or…?

By now, everyone has seen the silly video from Microsoft about hosting a Windows 7 Party! As if spending 20 hours (this is not my estimate but what some MS-favoring pundit came up with — under best circumstances it will take 20 hours to upgrade to Windows 7) wasn’t a party enough for ya…

At anyrate, this party takes on a whole new vibe with just a simple beep everytime Windoze 7 is mentioned:


Imagine that you are at this party, it seems like it is winding down, you have not killed anyone yet, nor gnawed off a leg to escape the trap. The host turns to the crowd and seems to say good bye…

Watch their faces as the life force is drained out of them.

16 thoughts on “Windows 7 Release Party or…?

  1. F*ck, that original video has some slapdash continuity – check how Hamster Boy’s laptop ‘appears’ and ‘disappears’ randomly.

    I’m a PC user, but I work with Macs also as the opportunity arises. Never saw the need to get culty about either, a machine is a machine is a machine.
    IMO, many of the issues that arise with Microsoft PC’s are due to local user-based deficiencies (cranial-rectal inversion, Doug Feith impressions gone awry…that sort of thing) – which, when combined with Windows’ joint circular firing squad of a development team and launch strategy makes for unintended comedy laffs galore.



  2. I had to go back to look at the continuity; Hamster Boy’s laptop does open and close a few times near the beginning. Plus, his glass fills up suddenly and then is about half-empty; then around 5:50 it is a little more empty; then later it’s more than half-full, then back to a little less than half. Maybe he regurgitated some of it and then drank it again.

    I got a headache from rolling my eyes in disgust and also from enduring the terrible, twitchy camera work.

    The last launch party I went to was for Windows 2000; it was held in one of the parking garages underground and was one of the gloomiest “parties” I ever attended…


    • Hi Kate –

      Welcome to MPS, it is good to have you with us.

      Hamster Boy, I think, was drinking something. Besides the changing levels, the color changes, too, so I suspect that more or less rum was added to his Coke depending upon the take. But I’m only guessing.




  3. TeaBaggers Suck !!
    We also had a group of about 20 on a major intersection, about 5 on each corner with American Flags, and posters praising the local cops, CIA and FBI, but against Teaching Propaganda to our Children. WTF ??
    Wow, they are really STUPID.
    yea, TeaBaggers Suck !!


  4. I love it. I mean, its an OPERATING SYSTEM for effs sake. Did we have to have a party when Ford upgraded it’s last engine?
    Did we party like it was 1999 when the trains got a new timetable?



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